Sweet Fox Girls Costume

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FOXES Foxes are some cool cats. (That’s just a figure of speech, foxes are actually much more closely related to dogs than cats.) Still, foxes are awesome! We would love to have a pet fox, at least in theory. Just imagine having a fox to talk on walks, play in a box, it’d be cool if it talks… Yikes, we are starting to sound a little too much like Dr. Seuss!But wouldn’t having a pet fox be cool? It’d be better than a pet wolf! Wolves are cool, but they are a little too big for our tastes, we could fit a wolf in our house comfortably. But we could fit a fox. We could make him a little fox bed, right at the foot of our own bed, and we could hang out every day and do fox stuff. Ahhh, what a dream. FUN DETAILSThis costume comes with everything you’ll need to transform your girl into a little red fox! This velour dress is accented with faux fur linings at the neckline and hemlines, and comes with a fake foxes tail attached to the back! It also comes with a hood, pom poms attached, and more importantly, two fox ears! The ears are sewn on top of the hood and are a defining feature for any fox costume. The finishing touch for this costume is the boot covers you’ll wear on your feet. The boot covers come in the same color as the rest of your ensemble and are the perfect way to sell your costume! FOX-LIKE BEHAVIORWhen your little one dresses up like a fox, don’t be surprised if they start acting like a fox! Fox activity can include but is not limited to: Super good hearing, pouncing on things, increased interest in rodents or potential prey. If you notice any of these traits in your chile, we recommend taking off the costume immediately.

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