Sweet Santa Girl’s Costume

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Do you child’s eyes light up at the first sign of snow? Some people are just winter lovers! It’s a great attitude to have because old man winter is going to come around whether you want him to or not. Winter should be celebrated. When else can you ice skate under cheery lights, sled down hills, and make snowmen? Sure, it can be chilly but you can’t beat the cozy atmosphere. If your little one is ready to ring in the winter holidays with a hearty “ho, ho, ho” or maybe, coming from her, it’s more of a “hee, hee, hee” then she’s going to need the right apparel. This suit will look perfectly picturesque when you snap pics of her decking the halls. She’ll feel perfectly at home distributing cookies to cooped up Mrs. Becker down the street. And when she’s belting out the many Christmas carols she has memorized she could be in a tv Christmas special even if she can’t quite hit those low notes. Yes, whether your Christmas is white, green, or sand colored, this Santa suit is ready to make your holiday festivities look like they are straight out of a Thomas Kinkade painting! This costume is complete with a velvet jacket, matching pants, a black belt, a pair of fur cuffs to top off boots, and a faux fur trimmed Santa hat. The jacket goes to the hips for a tunic look and is secured by the belt at the waist. The ensemble doesn’t flinch from luxury, every piece is bordered in white faux fur. So, tell your little one to suit up. It’s time to spread some holiday cheer!

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