Sweet Swashbuckler Costume for Girls

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Prepare to Board!The Spanish Main has never seen a swashbuckler like you! This pirate captain fearlessly commands her own ship with all the confidence of a robber queen, and she never surrenders no matter how steep the odds! The crews of merchant galleons tremble when they see her flag on the horizon, knowing it’s only a matter of minutes before she defeates them in a spectacular high seas battle and wins their treasure chests stuffed with gold chains, rubies, emeralds, and pearls as big as ostrich eggs. She’s a master strategist and a living legend – and she definitely knows how to dress, too! Product Details Look alive, you swabs! Here comes the famous pirate princess! This exclusive Girl’s Sweet Swashbuckler Costume is perfect for performing great feats of derring-do. Rich fabrics pilfered from a defenceless merchant ship were made into a beautiful dressn that flutters in the salty ocean air. The lace on its bodice and sleeves is repeated in the enchantingly pretty tiered skirt. A faux leather vest gives you some protection dring a fierce swordfight, and the brown belt with its oversized gold-toned buckle makes a great place to stash your weapons when not in use. It looks extra dashing when worn on top of the red skull-patterned sash. Keep your hair out of your eyes even in the stiffest headwind by wrapping the matching scarf around your head. It’s the Pirate’s Life for You Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Have all kinds of daring adventures while wearing the best costume in the seven seas! Anyone who says otherwise deserves to walk the plank.

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