Tarantula Child Hoodie Costume

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Happy Fuzzy Friends!We’re tired of spiders having a bad rap. They’re not so bad! Sure, they’ve got those gross little legs that they can flick around faster than fingers and eight beady little eyes. We know about the creepy little pincer jaws and all that hair…Who are we kidding? We’ve totally got the creeps right now. We were going to go on this huge rant about how great spiders are about eating bugs and balancing out the ecosystem (which they are), but then we started picturing them twitching their little legs and flexing their little jaws, and scurrying across the floor… ew. Nope. Can’t do it. Sure, they’re great and eat bugs and all that jazz, but no matter what you say, there’s no way you can convince us that they’re not absolutely terrifying little vampires with lightning reflexes and the ability to topple empires. Alright, maybe that’s a bit of an over-reaction, but you can’t possibly think otherwise, right? There’s no such thing as a cute spider. Fun DetailsUnless, of course, you make something cute into a non-threatening spider. Say if your kid dressed up in this Child Tarantula hoodie? This brown velour hoodie has faux fur on the hood along with a sculpted face and pincers. The fuzzy sleeves form one pair of legs, and there are three other pairs sewn into the body and seams of the hoodie which could instantly turn your little one into a hairy little spider. How… adorable?So… Cute?Yeah, okay, so if your kid dressed up like a spider that totally wouldn’t creep us out. Afterall, you do have a pretty cute kid. We’d be able to recognize that even if they were crawling across the floor moving four pairs of appendages with a fuzzy little head. We’re nearly entirely sure that we wouldn’t totally and completely freak out and try and squish them. Nope.

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