Teen Titan Beast Boy Adult Costume

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Beast in BattleFighting your foes is so boring when all you can do is punch and kick and flip around like Robin. How much more fun it is when you can transform yourself into any creature you can imagine! From spiders to rhinos to alien, eldritch horrors, Beast Boy can do it all!The only downside is that when you become something else, you lose a part of yourself. You gain all the strengths of the animal that you become, but you also lose all the strengths of being a human. The ability to act with finesse is lost outright when you become a hulking Elephant. Unfortunately, you also get their weaknesses, which means that you will be deathly afraid of mice the whole time. It’s a give and take for sure!Product DetailsFinding the best thing to transform yourself into is a little easier for Beast Boy than for us, but at least we can do one transformation that he can’t do when we have this Adult Teen Titan Beast Boy Costume! The jumpsuit, foam boot covers, printed foam belt, and gloves of this costume will make you look just like the eponymous character, which is great! The only downside is that you won’t get the powers along with the look. Even though people will think that you are Beast Boy transformed into a better-looking version of himself when you wear this costume, you won’t be able to transform into animals and prove it. But don’t let that stop you from working on your impressions!Feeling a Little GreenIf you are looking for the perfect Beast Boy costume to fight crime in, then you will love the look and feel of this costume! From top to bottom, this costume has all the perfect touches that you are looking for. Just remember to run away if you are approached by any of the famous villains of the show!

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