The Joker Costume for Toddlers

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Does it seem like your child is an agent of chaos sometimes? He’s often making messes for you to clean up. Maybe he’s laughing maniacally as he does something completely crazy, like drawing all over the living room wall (which you JUST painted). Maybe he decided to flush all of his crayons down the toilet afterward. Maybe he likes to track mud into the house after you just cleaned… is any of this sounding a little familiar? Then you might have an agent of chaos on your hands and you might just understand Batman’s constant struggle with The Joker.Yes, The Joker is notorious for creating messes for Batman to clean up. They might be much more serious in nature compared to the trouble your little one might make from time to time, but it certainly might make you feel a little like you’re battling against a supervillain mastermind sometimes. Now, you can dress your child in the true outfit of an agent of chaos when you get him this toddler Joker costume.This officially licensed Joker costume is an outfit that’s one part adorable and one part menacing. It comes with a purple suit that looks like the one seen in the Batman comics. It also comes with a green bowtie for good measure!Once your little one has it on, he may start plotting a huge crime spree in Gotham City, so you may want to get a superhero costume for yourself to make sure Gotham City stays safe from your child’s next villainous plot!

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