The Princess Bride Authentic Plus Size Westley Men’s Costume

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The Perfect PirateWhat does it take to become the most infamous pirate in the land and sea? Adventure. Well, that’s an obvious one. You need to be able to go on quests, find the maiden, the treasure, and the villain. Love. Well, certainly there should be something that is pressing you forward in your mission. You’ve got to have a goal and there is no better motivation than the yearning that comes from your strongly beating heart! Wait a second. We seem to be suggesting a few things that sound much more like a hero than a dastardly pirate. Now you see the point we’re trying to impress! The perfect pirate is, in truth, the greatest hero, too! Someone who’s got the skills for terrifying as well as inspiring. Somebody who’s got the brains, the brawn, the speed, and the swagger. But, there’s still one more thing that you absolutely have to have! You need the look, the style, and the name! Design & DetailsTo make sure that you are every bit the hero you’re aiming for, our in-house design team has put together this Authentic Westley costume from The Princess Bride. In this officially licensed look, you’ll have a billowing pirate shirt, matching pants, and shiny boot covers that are sure to put the proper kick in your step. The Dread Pirate Roberts is a title that passes down from one impeccable pirate to the next. So, isn’t it about your turn to shine? Cute and QuotableThe thing about making your mark on the world is that you’re likely to leave several sayings that people are going to love to recite over and over. Make sure that you come prepared for your pirate pranks with the right collection! This Authentic Westley costume from The Princess Bride will do a lot of the work for you… but you can’t be a man of action without the right words!

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