The Punishing One Costume For Women | Sexy Halloween Costume

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An Eye for An EyeYou’re a great lawyer. You have a real talent for bringing lawbreakers to justice and for making sure they get the punishment they deserve. You’re a real shark, and you don’t let anyone get away with anything if you can help it. Well, guess what? It sounds to us like you have a little bit of a brooding superhero hidden somewhere within you. And in this Punishing One Costume, you might just be able to bring justice to those few criminals that did escape your grasp in the courtroom.Hopefully, you don’t have a tragic backstory somewhere in your past-just an insatiable appetite for putting bad guys behind bars. And this costume allows you to do it with flair and style. You’ll be remembered for your creative ways of making troublemakers feel the pain of the law. After all, if someone is a lawbreaker, then they need punishment.Fun DetailsDesigned to help you use the cover of night to your advantage, this costume is comprised of a wet-look black romper with a large, printed skull on the front that will bring the fear to any bad guy you come across. Also featured on the romper are elastic shoulder straps to imitate holsters. The fingerless gloves are white and complement the belt that fastens around the waist with an attached strappy leg decoration and pouches. Finally, the garter belt fastens with parachute clips and completes the dynamic and aggressively intimidating look.Nowhere to RunIn this great getup, bad guys will learn about your reputation as a beast in the courtroom and, if you somehow fail there, a punishing vigilante on the streets. There will be nowhere they can go that your particular brand of justice won’t find them. Good job cleaning up those streets!

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