The Smurfs Smurfette Girls Costume

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The Best SmurfBeing blue all the time doesn’t have to mean that you are sad. There is a large subsect of people in the Smurf world who are constantly blue, but they tend to be the happiest people around! In fact, if Gargamel wasn’t around, they would have nearly no cares in the world.That said, one Smurf in particular has the best attitude constantly, and that is Smurfette. She is so positive and compassionate that she shines in the otherwise blue world around her. If that sounds like you, then you will love this wonderful costume!Product DetailsBeing the best Smurf you can be starts with having the right gear for the job, and that is where this The Smurfs Girls Smurfette Costume comes in. This “Made By Us” costume was made by our hard working and careful artisans, so you will feel good about wearing this for years to come. The white fabric dress has foam backing to give it that true-to-show look, and the crushed velvet leggings and sleeves are both elegant and comfortable. The that has internal pins to attach to your hair for a secure fit. You will be sure to love every detail of this awesome costume!Finding the Smurf in YouIf you are looking for the perfect Smurfette costume for your child, ten you will love this one. With all the great details and quality construction, we are sure you will both be happy with this costume. Just watch out for any Gargamels or Azraels out there!

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