Thomas Jefferson Costume for Boys

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Founding Father TimeWell, it’s time for your kid to become a Founding Father. So, what’s the first step to achieving that? You could quiz them to see if they’re ready based on their studies in history class. If your boy or girl doesn’t quite have enough their biographical knowledge of the Founding Fathers down pat yet, we may have to hunt down some books or documentaries to help round out their command of American history. Or-maybe, just maybe, we skip all that and just get them suited up like one of the most famous Founding Fathers to learn about history in a hands-on way. Whatever course of action you choose, we can help you get the costume covered with this Kid’s Thomas Jefferson Costume. Because it will have him or her looking just like the Father of the Declaration of Independence himself!Design & DetailsKids love engaging with history and whether for creative learning, historical reenactments, or simply for Halloween, choosing a historical figure costume is a surefire way to help them appreciate the past. When it comes to America’s Founding Fathers, we’ve got another awesome costume entry with this Thomas Jefferson Costume. A Made By Us design, our costume design team did a bit of studying up on historical styles to produce the ensemble. The top is designed to look like a brilliant, blue overcoat over a burgundy vest. But the combo is simply stitched together into one-piece for easy wear. It features gold plastic buttons that secure in the center front, and the jacket features them as non-fastening buttons, too, for extra accent. The sleeve cuffs have white frilled fabric to look like an undershirt is being worn, and the frills match the cravat that secures around the neck. Then, just have them slip on on the matching pants, they fit with an elastic waistband and are knicker-length with elastic cuffs just below the knee. Just shop for knee-high socks and a white colonial-style wig (sold separately) to complete the theme! Make Your Mark on HistoryDoes your child think they have what it takes to sign a big declaration or even to become a president of the United States? Whether they’re super confident or need a little encouragement, this Kid’s Thomas Jefferson Costume is sure to help with their development. And learn about history. And, we’re sure, have some historically themed fun, too!

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