Thomas the Train Ride in Costume for a Child

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THOMAS THE TRAINWouldn’t it be nice if our trains could talk? It would make work so much easier, and we would love to hear what they have to say! Just think; there wouldn’t be any more train conductors or workers, it would just be one little self-sufficient talking train. People could climb onto there back and hitch a ride wherever they’d like to go, making small talk with the train they are riding in!Trains would have a lot of interesting things to say, too! They see so much and last for so long that we picture an old train like a wise old man, who talks slowly and deliberately and says tons of deep insightful phrases. If we were to catch a ride with Thomas the train, we think it would be a little more upbeat, a little more exciting. Thomas the Train seems like a fun fella, we’d love to let him be our driver/vessel! FUN DETAILS This costume will turn your little one into their favorite steam engine! They’ll be wearing a tunic made of stiffened felt to help it hold its shape. The felt is molded and detailed to look like Thomas himself, and the likeness is impressive! This costume is officially licensed, so you know that they will look like the real deal. The tunic is held in place with black straps that are adjustable, to help ensure the perfect fit. All you’ll need to do is lay some railroad tracks in your backyard and you’ll be all set! THOMAS THE TRAINThis train costume makes giving them coal instead of candy on Halloween a suitable gesture. That being said, we don’t think that any child would appreciate the humor there; if they even understood the joke at all. That’s why we’re thinking you should stick with candy. Better safe than sorry!

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