Tiger Headband & Tail Costume Kit

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Til butik

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A New Queen in Town We’ve got to talk about this whole ‘King of the Jungle’ thing. It is seriously outdated. First off, what lion have you ever seen running around in the jungle? They’re all about the dry life of the grasslands and savannahs. Really, about the only thing that makes them feel like a king is that mane which, admittedly, is pretty cool-looking. But let’s look at what it takes to truly rule the animal kingdom. You need to be smart. Capable. You’ve gotta have that prowl down pat. You definitely can’t get freaked out by a little thing like a thorn in your paw and you should be able to hunt for your own dinner. More importantly, you’ve got to be able to visit all your subjects. That means a wide variety of potential habitats. So, we’re laying it down official-like. It’s time for a new monarch of the animal world, and the sleek and sophisticated tiger has our vote! Design & DetailsCrown yourself the true master of the animal world when you wear this Tiger Headband and Tail Accessory Kit. Our own design team has worked to make sure it is cute, comfy, and will give you the regal look that you need to show dominance over the rest of the lowly mammals. The two-part kit includes a faux fur-covered headband with a face panel designed to look like a tiger’s cute face and a tiger tail that fastens around a belt loop. Let out a mighty roar and let the world know that you’ve got the stripes to rule!

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