Tight End Footballer Costume for Adults

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The Unsung Hero of the Game”Hutt! Hutt-Hutt! Orange Halloween! Hutt! Party Time! Hutt-Hutt! Hike!”We know that quarterbacks, running backs, and star receivers are vital to have on any football team. Most of the time they have a huge hand in ensuring victory for their comrades on the field. So yes, we understand their importance, as well as why they are usually the most beloved and famous players on the teams. However, we think that other players don’t get enough credit for their efforts in bringing home the win. Specifically, we are talking about the Tight Ends.These powerful athletes are out on the field not only running routs but also regularly protecting the QB from the massive behemoths on defense. We’re sure you have what it takes to not only be a sword on the field but a shield as well. So we’ve made the perfect costume for you.Details & DesignNow, we’re not setting you up with a full padded uniform and helmet. Why do that? Halloween isn’t a time for football anyways. No, it’s party time! So, in that spirit, our costume designers have made this fun and simple variation of our favorite football position. It comes with a V-neck jersey that is easy to toss on. It has a mesh body yet a solid yoke and sleeves. “TIGHT END” is printed on the back and the jersey number is printed on the front. The pants have a shiny, wet-look finish. There are also decorative laces at the front. Once you grab a few accessories from our large selection you can personalize this costume and make it a one-of-a-kind look.Make a PlayRepresent one of the most underrated positions in one of the greatest sports this Halloween when you enter the party wearing this Tight End Footballer Costume. You’ll be fully equipped to make some big plays and ensure a great time for you and all your friends at the costume parties!

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