Tighty Whities Underwear Costume for Adults

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Dream On It’s the middle of the night, and your slumbering brain is helpfully coming up with all kinds of unlikely scenarios for you to dream about. In one, you’re flying through the air on the back of a talking pterodactyl. In another, you’re shooting hoops with your favorite basketball player and – get this – you’re winning. And in another… oh no, it’s the one where you’re wearing your underwear in public! But wait, this time it’s different, because you’re absolutely rocking your tighty whities and everyone else wishes they were as hilarious as you. Product DetailsIf you’re searching for a hysterical outfit for your next Halloween party, look no further than this Adult Tighty Whities Underwear Costume! The unisex pair of briefs pulls on over your legs and can be worn on top of a lightweight pair of pants (we’re not actually suggesting you wear nothing but underwear). The briefs are shaped and stiffened to look like an oversized pair of white briefs with a striped waistband. Laundry Day Are you a procrastinator when it comes to certain chores? Maybe you never forget to wash your car, but you tend to put off washing your clothes until you have nothing left in your dresser but a lone pair of underwear and some mismatched socks. Even all of your party outfits appear to need a good soak and a thorough rinse cycle. Not to worry, the underwear will do just fine – if it’s this particular pair of costume underwear, that is!

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