Tigress Girls Costume

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THE JUNGLE The jungle would be a scary place. There are all kinds of scary animals like panthers and venomous snakes and poisonous bugs. One glance at the jungle and it looks totally inhospitable, not the kind of place we would want to spend more than a couple hours on a guided tour! Luckily for tigers, they don’t have that fear. See, tiger fall in line right at the top of the food chain in their forest habitat. That would be a good feeling. They own their territory, and anyone who crosses the line into that space has just offered themselves up as an entree to these magnificent beasts. As much as we love food, we don’t love the idea of being food, so we are going to keep our distance whenever we see one of these big kitties on the loose. FUN DETAILSThis costume comes in the form of a tiger inspired dress! The dress is patterned with that instantly recognizable tiger pattern and comes with a black and orange skirt, which is made from layers and layers of interlocking knit mesh. We included leg warmers and sleeve warmers so that your tiger print would extend out to your other limbs, and we have even added a tail to the back of the dress! Last but not least, you will be wearing little tiger ears on top of your head, attached to a headband. This whole ensemble is certain to scare any potential prey you might see! TIGERS You are going to be looking fierce when you walk around in this tiger costume. If you feel like people are avoiding you when you wear this costume, don’t be offended! They are just scared of your intense costume. After all, you are dressed as one of the most fearsome felines on the planet.

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