Toddler Beauty and the Beast Belle Blue Costume Dress

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Storied Collection Storytime is a favorite for most toddlers. But if your toddler could make it happen, every moment of the day would be spent in the company of a good picture book. They light up at the chance to read one more page before bed. Before closing their eyes, they recount the thrilling details of battles between dragons and knights even though you’ve just read that part out loud. You used to present your precocious kid with new toys that had all the bells, whistles, and lights. But they played with each toy once then returned to their shelf of books. When you started expanding their tiny library into a collection that could rival even the most dedicated bibliophiles, your toddler blossomed like you’d gifted them the entire world. Fun Details Dress your child like the character they were born to play with this Toddler Belle Blue Dress from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Getting the look of everyone’s favorite bookworm, this exclusive costume dress has a layered look that starts with a white blouse. Given a shawl neckline and cuffed long-sleeve the blouse easily gives the costume a French colonial look. Layered over the blouse, Belle’s iconic blue princess-style dress comes to life with thoughtful details including corseted back, lace hemline, and simple white apron. Polish of your funny one’s adorable look with the included blue hair bow!

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