Toddler Chocolate Factory Worker Girls Costume

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A Candy ParadiseWelcome to the chocolate factory, a magical place where all of your sugary dreams come true! Mountains of chocolate bars rise to the rafters, a tower of gumdrops glistens near a peanut butter fondue fountain that drains into a fondant lake. More hard candies and taffies than you could eat in a lifetime wink temptingly in huge glass jars, just waiting for eager fingers to unwrap them. Every year, the owners allow a behind-the-scenes tour of the factory’s inner workings. Lucky visitors get glimpses of fudge trays the size of swimming pools and lollipops being painted in every color of the rainbow. But they all agree on one thing: The sweetest thing the factory holds is actually the pint-sized candymaker whose beaming smile is better than any candy in the world! Product Details Your toddler will look good enough to eat in her Chocolate Factory Worker costume! This exclusively designed costume includes a lovely brown shirt with striped details and sweet puffed sleeves. A white skirt with crossed suspenders and cute buttons turns a standard uniform into something that looks like a Broadway-worthy outfit. Brown-and-white-striped leggings complement the rest of the ensemble. The crisp white gloves are perfect for stirring pots of butterscotch or taste-testing gummy worms, and the shoe puffs add an extra touch of whimsy. The Sweetest Treat When is the perfect opportunity to dress up as a chocolate factory worker? Why, Halloween, of course! This costume is guaranteed to attract more goodies than your toddler can eat – which is perfect, because you’ll need to levy a Parent Tax on any candy she collects. Just because she’s on the factory payroll doesn’t mean that she’s exempt.

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