Toddler Costume – Roaring Lion

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The Next Phase If there’s one thing that all toddlers love, it is a candy treat. But if there is a second thing that they all adore, it seems to be playing pretend and becoming one of their favorite animals. Usually, our kiddos will enter a puppy phase where they’ll round around on all fours, barking, woofing, and sometimes even licking your face. Other tykes prefer the feline route, practicing their meowing, pawing at you… and still weirdly licking everything they see. But, there’s one further evolution that might be even better. That, of course, is the king of the animal kingdom! You might think that you’d prefer to have your kids stick to the domesticated critters you’re familiar with. But, hear us out. The lordly lion is a bit more regal. Slower, proud steps. A single powerful roar instead of an hour of yipping. See the advantages to this!? We can help make pretend time even more fun. Product DetailsIt is time to help your kids let out a roar with this Roaring Lion costume for toddlers. This is a fuzzy jumpsuit with booties, mittens, an attached tail, and a lion headpiece. The jumpsuit features tan colors and lighter spots for the lion’s paws and tummy. The hood has big ears, an embroidered face, and braided cord that makes up the iconic mane. The Imitation GameKiddos love imitating animals, so why not give them the opportunity to be the most regal one out there? Help your little ones become little lions with a costume that is sure to have them roaring! (It’s that or the mega dinosaur and who has room for that running around in the living room!?)

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