Toddler DC Superhero Joker Costume

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Take a good look at your little one. Sometimes, does it feel like you’re battling against a super villain? Sure, he looks innocent, but he’s probably plotting some sort of scheme. Is he plotting to flush your keys down the toilet? Is he planning on making a mess in the kitchen? Did he leave his toys all over the floor as an inconspicuous trap for your to step on? Or maybe he’s going to cause mass destruction with his crayons! You can never be too sure what’s going on in that little mastermind’s brain of his….Why fight it? If you’ve got a little evil genius on your hands, maybe it’s time to embrace it and become a parent-child supervillain team! You could let him in on all of your own evil schemes and maybe you could cook up some kind of plan to take over the world together! Of course, it all starts with this toddler Joker costume. The kid’s costume is based on the infamous villain on the pages of the Batman comic books helps your child look as menacing as he is adorable. It comes with the classic purple suit and also has a green bowtie to perfect the look. Once he has them on, he’ll be ready for a trip to Gotham City for some real trouble!Just remember to watch out for Batman when your little one wears this outfit. It looks good enough to fool even the greatest superhero Gotham City has ever seen!

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