Toddler Deluxe Disney Toy Story Jessie Costume

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Purposeful PlayYour kiddo’s purpose in life is play. At least, from the current look of things. Why else would they scarf down breakfast, change clothes, and pull on shoes with the fastest fingers in the west before you’ve even poured your first mug of coffee? They clearly can’t wait to get to daycare, where play lasts all day!Then one day, you watched pick-up a little closer. Your toddler galloped around the few friends that were still waiting for their parents. While your toddler neighed and yee-hawed, their pals couldn’t stop giggling-clearly unbothered to stay at daycare a bit longer. And it hit you. That playful spirit is just like Disney and Pixar’s Jessie!Design & DetailsGet your little one looking their part with our Deluxe Disney and Pixar Jessie Toddler costume! Inspired by the unforgettable cowgirl with a passion for play as strong as your tot’s, this Made By Us exclusive captures Jessie’s appearance without restricting movement.This is done using easy-to-wear jersey knit fabrics to construct the western style top and pants. Each garment gets its signature look mainly from printed images in place of extra layers. Fringed cuffs and attached “chaps” are the exceptions, however, keep with the wearability as attached pieces. A leatherette belt and lightweight Jessie cowgirl hat are included with the ensemble, ensuring the completed look is just like the beloved character!

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