Toddler Fleece Bat Costume | Exclusive | Made By us

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Halloween can be hard to shop for when you have little kids. They always want to be the character off the newest Disney or Pixar movie. And sure that is cute. But how many Anas and Elsas did you see running around last year? And that movie came out how long ago?You want your little girl to stand out from all the rest. That’s why when she came to you asking to be a bat for Halloween you didn’t hesitate. You started looking all over the internet, and in the stores. Trying to find the perfect costume. You aren’t really sure where she got the idea. Maybe an episode of Scooby Doo! or some other cartoon or book. Either way you are just glad she isn’t asking to be the same thing as everyone else.It was a long search, but here you are. We designed this Toddler Fleece Bat Costume to be cute, and easy to get on. (We know how kids like to wriggle and worm out of your hold as you try to put anything on them.) She will look adorable as she flaps her wings around pretending to be a bat. Who knows, maybe this Halloween costume will inspire a love of bats, and she will become Batman when she grows up. Or she will just enjoy eating some Halloween candy before passing out in her cute little fuzzy bat eared suit.

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