Toddler Girl’s Shark Sweetie Costume

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Sweetness with a BiteYou and your kids have probably watched Shark Week before. It’s a week of television that has wheedled its way into today’s society way past the screen. Come early August people throw on their shark shirts and honor this smooth fish. It makes sense what other animal is both graceful, vicious, and quite adorable all at once? Some people might ask how we think sharks are adorable with their multiple rows of teeth and fast action pouncing. We assume they haven’t really taken the dive into the internet’s cache of adorable shark photos. There are photos of sharks cuddling onto divers lap, seeking pets and belly scratches. They come in all shapes and sizes. And they almost all have sweet, oversized eyes peering out from the sides of their heads. And yes, they’ve still got those rows of teeth but what can they do? You gotta eat!Product Details & DesignThis sweet pink and gray dress is sure to be a hit with young nature-loving fashionistas. Our in-house designers combined wild shark features with the flounce of a ballerina outfit. The soft hooded top has puffed sleeves with satin ribbon trim, a fin on the back, and a comfortable hood with large eyes, a bow, and big white teeth. Not only is this look the perfect blend of fierce and fun, it’s also Made by Us so you can be sure the quality will hold up through all sorts of adventures!An Ocean of OpportunityAre you ready for a Halloween costume that you’ll get plenty of use out of? Whether you’re visiting your local aquarium or heading out for a day on the shore, your girl will be able to flaunt her fishy fandom with confidence. Maybe your child will even convince shark skeptics that those fishies aren’t so bad after all.

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