Toddler Guardians of the Galaxy Raccoon Costume

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Don’t let that adorable look fool you, sometimes superheroes come in cute little packages. Take Rocket Raccoon for instance. You’d never expect a fuzzy little guy like that to have what it takes to single-handedly put down an entire army of Ravagers, but he does it so easily that you almost forget that he’s just a small little critter. Why, he even has the guts to take on a whole planet all by himself!Hey, come to think of it, isn’t your little one pretty adorable? Isn’t he pretty crafty for his young age? Well the, maybe he has got a little bit of a superhero streak hiding inside him. Maybe he just needs the right kind of outfit to let that part of him shine…Introducing this toddler Rocket Raccoon costume! Fully licensed from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, this costume gives your little guy the opportunity to shine as a superhero. The costume comes with a velour jumpsuit that has faux fur sleeves and foot covers. It even has a cute little tail attached to the back of the suit. Once he has it on, he’ll be ready to join your rowdy crew of space outlaws!Of course, this costume also makes for the finishing touch to any Guardians of the Galaxy themed group costume! Your little one will be the perfect size to play Rocket and all you need to do is get one of our Star-Lord or Gamora costumes to become the infamous crew from the movies.

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