Toddler Mermaid Costume

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Something’s FishyWe remember happy sunny summer days spent at the beach. We’re talking slathered with sunscreen, goggles firmly affixed, and the smell of fish and foam wafting over us. Not to mention the ridiculous swimsuits with ruffles and bright colors. Of course, our parents were always there, buckling us into life jackets and making sure we never went too far, but nothing was quite as good as running into those waves and making a splash. As kids, we wished we could’ve lived there forever. Which is exactly why we think that the idea of a mermaid is so appealing. Think about it: no sunburn and no sweat. You’ll be too busy staying underwater to worry about getting fried. Also, no shoes or shorts to worry about… because you’d have a glorious fin! Not to mention you’d be swimming all the time! We can’t think of anything better than being allowed to float off into the ocean at your leisure. As a kid, that would be a dream-come-true. As a matter of fact, if you asked your own kids, we’re pretty sure we’d all agree: we’d rather be mermaids. Fun DetailsThe good news is that your kid can be a mermaid without having to live in the sea eternally or have some spell put on them. All they need is our Toddler Sea Mermaid Costume. The top of this outfit is a pale purple with long sleeves and trimmed with purple iridescent sequins. The seafoam green knit skirt is fitted down to the knees, then widens into a tail fin, all while being covered in green sequins. The outfit even comes with a plastic headband complete with four pink seashells. With this outfit, your little one can look like a princess of the sea in no time!Where the Mermaids AreOf course, just make sure your little one knows that putting on a mermaid outfit doesn’t instantly make them a mermaid. They won’t be able to talk to fish, breath underwater, or command the waves. They’ll simply be an adorable little mermaid Although, if they’re anything like us, that’ll probably be enough to make them happy.

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