Toddler Mouse Costume

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Til butik

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The year of the mouse.Does your toddler love cheese? Doesn’t matter what kind of cheese. Cheddar? Yep. String? Check. Cottage? Absolutely. They will eat any kind of cheese. They even say they like stuff you don’t remember them ever trying. Really, when was the last time you even had gouda in the house? Maybe it was when you made bacon wrapped chicken breasts stuffed with gouda.Recently they have been obsessing over mouse everything. (That might actually explain their love of cheese.) They have been watching Mickey Mouse’s Club house, and somehow they got a copy of Fievel Goes West. Seriously, where do they find these things?!So, this year does seem to be the year of the mouse. For their costume birthday party, you can dress them up as this Toddler Mouse. They might like it so much that they ask to be a mouse for Halloween as well. And, they will have lots of fun running around as their favorite animal. Their little tail bouncing around after them. And your little mouse will be so much cuter than all the other kids running around in princess, and Iron Man costumes. Just don’t forget the cheese tray, or you might have one angry toddler on your hands.

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