Toddler Reese the Rooster Costume

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We know how tough it is to be a parent of a toddler. You just want to sleep in on Saturday morning to recharge your batteries and your little one is up at the crack of dawn, making all kinds of noise, jumping around on your bed, trying to ferry you into the new day. After all, for them, every day is fresh, brand new and full of wonder. For you? Well, maybe after a cup of coffee you might feel a little more inclined to take a romp through the park. Well, perhaps it’s time for your child change into a costume that reflects his early rising ways!This Reese the Rooster costume allows your sweet little one the chance to cock-a-doodle-doo to the rising sun! The costume comes with an ultra-soft tunic top that’s shaped like a bird’s body. It even has little adorable wings on each side. The soft hood has a cute little beak poking out on top, along with a pair of eyes and a polka dot wattle on the bottom. The top of the headpiece also has matching polka dot crest. Once your child has it on, it’ll be downright adorable the next time he wakes you from your Saturday morning slumber!Once you have your little one all dressed up, consider taking him to the farm to play with all his other animal friends! It’ll make for a great photo opportunity to get some great pics for your social media that will have everyone saying, “Awwww!”

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