Toddler Renaissance Faire Costume for Girls

189,00 kr.

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Hear ye, hear ye! Everyone in the kingdom is invited to attend the spring faire, where knights mingle with shopkeepers and jugglers entertain ladies in waiting. Try one of the delicious fruit pies for sale, or browse merchants’ wares to find the perfect present for your lady love. If you’re more daring, you can enter one of the jousting tournaments. Or, perhaps you’d rather laugh along with the hilarious court jester as he makes a fool out of the king himself. For one day, everyone across the kingdom is equal. Anyone can win the jousting pendant. Anyone can catch the king’s eye. And anyone can be crowned Queen of the Faire.That’s where your little girl comes in. She’s already a princess in your eyes, and you just know she’ll win the judges’ favor with her beauty and sweet charm. Of course, the right outfit doesn’t hurt. So help her along with this Toddler Renaissance Maiden Costume, which comes with a beautifully patterned outer layer (easily fastened with the aid of Hook and Loop fastener) and a comfortable cotton under layer. Puffed sleeves and a matching ruffled petticoat offer an extra layer of cuteness, while the black criss-cross on the front adds to the costume’s authenticity.If your little princess doesn’t win the crown while wearing the Toddler Renaissance Maiden Costume, you’ll know the contest was rigged. But it won’t really matter-she’ll still feel like a princess. And she’ll be able to feel that way whenever she wears this costume, whether she’s hosting a tea party for her stuffed animals or taking a much needed nap.

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