Toddler Sailor Moon Costume For Girl’s

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A Shining StarHave you ever watched your toddler tyke spin around while playing pretend? Perhaps they are imagining transforming into a powerful hero or even just changing up their clothes in a few quick twirls! If so, they’ve probably fallen in love with the adventures of Sailor Moon and the rest of the Magical Girls of anime fame. It means it is time to help them out with that magical transformation, too. Unless a talking space cat has shown up with a Sailor Wand, you might need some help. Fortunately, we’ve got suggestions. Start with a line of ribbon. Spinning around while holding that is an instant magical moment (and no glitter required). Next, load up some orchestrated tunes! (The more violin, the better.) A punchy phrase like “Moon Prism Power” will make the whole time feel even more real. Of course, there is one final step… the actual transformation! Fun DetailsMake sure that all that spinning and musical maneuvers end in the perfect Sailor Moon magic with this officially licensed Sailor Moon costume for toddlers. This is a Made By Us design brought to life by our team of anime fanatics. The complete ensemble includes the Princess Heroine’s iconic white and blue dress. It has a sailor collar and a bright red bow covering up the zipper. Accessorize with the included choker and gloves and your tyke will be calling out their Moon Tiara Magic with the crown as well!Majestic MoonWe admit that technically the moon isn’t a star, but your tyke will still feel like one when they wear this officially licensed Sailor Moon costume. Bring the whole team together by dressing up yourselves as some of the other Sailor Scouts or bring Tuxedo Mask to join the party! There’s nothing greater than a themed birthday party or a costumed movie night, so bring the Moon Magic home!

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