Toddler Star Wars R2-D2 Costume | Sci Fi Costume | Exclusive

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A capable little droidWell, your little one is finally a toddler, which means he’s walking around and probably talking up a storm, too. So, that means we know what comes next. We’ve got to put him to work! Kids are great, but droids are even better and face it, you could really use an R2 unit to help out around the house. He could assist by interfacing with your home computer, and probably even doing some cooking and cleaning, too.Yup, your child is sure to be the perfect Star Wars droid. So, let’s just get them into this Star Wars R2-D2 Toddler Costume to do the trick! They’ll be just like the plucky droid from your favorite Star Wars films, but, they’ll still be your beloved kiddo. So, what we’re saying here, is that this is probably the best idea ever!product DetailsThis costume is Star Wars and Disney officially licensed. It comes with a cylinder-like tunic top, and a dome-like headpiece. Both pieces feature the droid details that Artoo has on his metal body. The tunic has armholes, and a large opening at the bottom so the legs will be free. It even features little R2-D2 feet at the bottom. We’re sure your child will feel like a part of the Star Wars universe when this suit up in this fun style!The Star Wars ExperienceMaybe you’re an experienced Jedi cosplayer, or maybe this is your first time dressing up with a Star Wars theme for Halloween. Either way, we’re sure you’re going to be glad to get your child involved! They will be, too, because they’ll be on the start of a lifelong journey of learning about the Star Wars universe. Or, as R2 would say, Beep Bloop Bwap Beep!

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