Toddler Tropical Pineapple Costume

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Pineapple HalloweenIt happens every Halloween season. Pumpkin spice this. Pumpkin pie that. Pumpkin nog, pumpkin candles, and pumpkin everything else that you can think of. Orange this and orange that. Everyone just goes bonkers for pumpkins! For some, that’s great. They love pumpkin and it gives them a reason to get excited about a funny looking squash. But it’s the same every year and not everyone is super into pumpkins. This year, we want to start a new trend. You know, something as a pleasant alternative to big orange squash. We’re talking about-wait for it-pineapples.Yes, pineapples. They’re the bright yellow fruit that’s tasty and tropical. We want to turn the pineapple into the new fall fruit. It’s going to be a tough sell, since the pumpkin PR team really knows how to market pumpkin to the masses, but we have a secret ace in the hole: your little one. That’s right, when we combine your child’s cuteness with this adorable tropical pineapple costume, no one will even remember what a pumpkin is!Product DetailsJust imagine your child wearing this toddler pineapple costume! It’s an ultra-soft tunic top that’s shaped into the plump form of the tropical fruit. The exterior is covered in a fluffy yellow fabric and features brown diamond patterns on the front and back. The included headpiece fits on your child’s head with a small strap under the chin and it even has a cute little green tuft of “leaves” on top to mimic the look of a real pineapple. You can pair it with your child’s favorite pair of tights or leggings to complete the look!Tropical VibesJust gear up your little cutie in this pineapple costume and everyone will be feeling the tropical vibes this year! Who knows, maybe your child will even dethrone the pumpkin as the world’s favorite Halloween-time produce item.

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