Toddler’s Furry Spider Costume

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A Spider’s on the Couch!Kids defy the general logic about icky things. Stick a newborn in a pig onesie and, all of a sudden, pigs are cute-if still a little smelly. Got a giant, ferocious monster on your hands? Try adding a little tyke to the equation, like Boo in Monsters Inc., and that monster loses a bit of its edge. See a large, furry spider walking about? Well, that terrifying spider becomes rather disarming when you see it on the couch licking cheeto dust off its fingers. We went ahead and designed this Toddler Furry Spider costume because we revel in this sort of juxtaposition: creepy, crawly spiders mashed up alongside a juicebox and Saturday morning cartoons. FUN DetailsThis spider costume will have any little boy or girl feeling just like a arachnid. The hooded shirt has a zip-up front, and fits over the elastic waistband pants so it’s easy to get your little one in and out of costume. With four extra stuffed legs that are connected to the sleeves of the costume, you’ll have an eight-legged friend crawling all over the walls! The oversized spider abdomen hangs off of the back of the costume and completes the look. With luxe faux fur and quality construction, this exclusive spider get-up is the perfect way to get your family comfortable with the idea of spiders again.Phobia, Shmobia…In this odd entanglement of creepy and cuddly we learned a truth: that anytime you add fur to a toddler’s costume, it becomes impossible to not be super cute! That’s why we went ahead and designed this Toddler Furry Spider costume. It’s made by us, and sold exclusively here, so if you want to make your youngest the crawling spider of your family group theme, this costume will have you covered. Pro tip: walk slowly throughout the house, so as to expect a giant spider to be, say, eating a snack at the table with the neighborhood kids.

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