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A Philosophical DiscussionYou and your friends have always enjoyed just sitting around and talking. Sometimes, you just discuss silly things, meaningless diversions about sports or video games or something like that. But every once in a while, you guys get really deep into ideas, concepts, and theories so far out there it surprises even you. So when you get invited to a toga party, obviously, you know that’s exactly where you and our friends belong! You will be able to dress like the greatest thinkers of all time while working your way through your own grand positions. So pick up this Men’s Toga and have fun discussing ideas with all those smart people!Oh…hmm…so it wasn’t that kind of toga party? Well, we did our best. There were lots of togas, just not as much philosophy as you expected. That’s ok, right? You and your friends at least still got to have fun and get into some pretty wacky theories, right? That’s really what counts.Fun DetailsRegardless if you want to celebrate a fine victory on the battlefield, discuss philosophy, or for some reason just throw a party (the Greeks and Romans were famous for their party throwing) this toga is a must have. The pullover cap-sleeved robe has an attached shoulder accent and is made of knit fabric. The gold rope belt, perfect for accenting the all-white robe, is 108″ long and can be tied and styled to your liking. Sure, there is something about wearing a toga that makes waxing philosophical just that much easier. Maybe it’s the openness of the outfit that allows for openness of mind…we don’t know, philosophy was always tough for us.Toga! Toga!Either way, despite the type of toga party, at least you now have this awesome outfit! And you and your friends can throw yours on anytime you all feel like getting into some of the deep stuff of life and the universe.

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