Top Gun Men’s Parachute Flight Suit Costume

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Sloths and Fighter PilotsWe never made it into flight school. It turns out, you need to have some reflexes like a cat and the eyes of a hawk. We have the reflexes of a sloth and the eyes of a mole. We’d never make for a good pilot… but sometimes, we like to pretend that we’re ace fighter pilots. We don’t see any harm in it and if you feel the same, then maybe you’ll love this Top Gun Flight Suit Costume as much as we do!With this officially licensed costume, you get the signature look of the skilled pilots from the classic 1986 film. Whether you want to be brash like Maverick or a cool operator like Iceman, this costume will give you the look to get you ready for the need for speed!Product DetailsAre you ready to break the sound barrier? Well, this Top Gun Parachute Flight Suit Costume will help you feel ready to hop inside the cockpit of a F-14A Tomcat! Of course, you might need some training in the Navy before they’ll let you actually take the controls of a jet fighter, but this costume gives you the look all the same. The costume is a military green jumpsuit that has a zipper in front. It has multiple patches on the chest and sleeves. It has a “Top Gun” patch near the top to round out the whole look. We recommend adding a pair of sunglasses to this look to get Maverick’s debonair look from the movie!Time to Suit UpWhether you’re on the path to becoming a fighter pilot, or you’re like us and you just want to feel like an ace for a day, this Top Gun costume is the perfect outfit to suit up in!

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