Top Gun Nylon Bomber Costume Jacket for Men

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My Other Car is a F-16 TomcatYou can’t just stroll into a party and shout, “I fly jet planes for a living!” Everyone will just think that you’re trying to brag or they’ll suspect you of telling a white lie. You need to be a little more subtle if you want to impress all of the guests at the party. You need something like an article of clothing that suggests your amazing feats. Maybe an innocent-looking jacket…Yes, that’s it! A simple, Top Gun style bomber jacket is an easy conversation starter. When other party-goers catch sight of you wearing that, they’ll ask, “Wow, are you a fighter pilot?” To which you can reply, “Yes, I am. Let me tell you of my many exploits! My call sign is Maverick. Maybe I’ll give you a ride sometime in my fighter jet!”Product DetailsThis licensed Top Gun Bomber jacket makes you look like an ace pilot who’s relaxing on furlough. It has a nylon construction and with a faux fur collar around the neck. The front has a classic zip-up style along with a snap at the top and bottom. It has various patches embroidered onto the chest and arms, including a “Tomcat” patch, an American flag patch, and a Top Gun patch. It also has a Maverick patch sewn on the front, so you can cosplay as your favorite hotshot pilot.Casual AceWhen you roll into the party wearing this licensed coat, your friends might just think that you’re the most skilled pilot in the Top Gun school. That, or they might think that you have one awesome cosplay costume! You can wear it with your favorite pair of jeans for a casual look, or wear it with one of our Top Gun jumpsuits to take the look to the next level.

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