Top Gun Parachute Flight Suit Men’s Costume

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Bring Out the Big GunsWe all love missiles. They rocket through the air like a bat out of hell and they can do some serious damage to the enemy. But you know what? Missiles really can’t take care of everything. Anyone who’s watched the classic 80s film, Top Gun, knows all about that. During one of the climactic scenes, Maverick and Goose have to swap out those missiles. Sometimes, you need to bring out the big guns when the situation gets to close quarters! Well, consider this Men’s Top Gun Parachute Flight Suit Costume the big guns when it comes to costumes.It’s a costume that’s officially licensed from the movie and it instantly transforms you into one of the greatest pilots that the academy has ever seen. It’s also an excellent choice for close-quarters encounters at costume parties!Fun DetailsGet ready for some high-flying action with this Top Gun Costume! The outfit comes with a simple jumpsuit that’s made out of parachute fabric. It fits with a zipper down the front of the suit and it even features an elastic waistband to help provide a comfortable fit during deadly dogfighting missions. The rib-knit collar and elastic in the wrist and ankles really give you a snug, form fit. It also features various Top Gun themed patches sewn onto the front and the sleeves. Of course, you need a name badge to go along with it, and this costume comes with 2 of them. You can choose between Maverick or Goose when you suit up in this jumpsuit!An Easy ChoiceIf you’re ready to bring out the big guns, or you just want to head to the party dressed as your favorite ace pilot, then this officially licensed Top Gun costume is an easy choice for you!

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