Toy Story Woody Plus Size Costume for Dogs

189,00 kr.

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The Law DogYour dog loves you and that’s why he patrols your home like a western sheriff. He just wants to keep you safe. And he’s the perfect little sheriff. Time to dress you doggo up as such.Woody’s the best sheriff we know, so this Toy Story-themed dog costume will be perfect. He will love dressing up as this beloved Disney character. Dress up as any other toy from the hit featured film and the two of you will be the highlight of everyone’s Halloween night. The DeTailsThis costume will make your furry friend into an exact copy of everyone’s favorite toy cowboy. The yellow plaid shirt has the spotted cow patterned vest printed on it. The arm sleeves will fit your dog’s front legs perfectly. The vest also has a sheriff star attached to it. You can tie the included red bandana around your pup’s neck. Lastly, add the cowboy hat atop your doggy’s head. It will stay put no matter how wild the Old West gets thanks to the adjustable elastic cord. Snake-FreeTransform your best friend into Andy’s favorite toy this Halloween thanks to this Woody Dog Costume. We can guarantee you there will be no snakes in his boots.

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