Transformers Kid’s Bumblebee Yellow Inflatable Costume

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A Transformer of the HeartWho could have guessed that a hulking mass of metal could be so adorable? Sure, Optimus Prime is pretty cool, and yeah, Megatron can be really intimidating. There’s just something about the “little bot that could” atmosphere that really gets fans rooting for him. The sweet Transformer even got his own live action movie! If your child is a fan of the Autobots, then they will be so excited to get into this Transformers Kids Bumblebee Inflatable Costume. Get ready to roll out in style this Halloween, Autobot!Product Details:Even the costume for Bumblebee is a feat of engineering! This suit is fan-operated (AA batteries not included), with solid elastic at the extremities to keep the air in the suit. Your child will love the concept of a inflatable costume, especially as it balloons around them. The yellow and grey graphics are just like all of the cool, mechanical details on the real Autobot. The plastic mask straps around the head, and a pair of gloves conceal the last human features, completing the bot look. Quick disclaimer: this Bumblebee suit does not transform into a Volkswagon Beetle or any other yellow car. In the imagination, though, this suit can become anything! Upgraded to GoldbugYour child may now be an Autobot, but there is a 100% chance that this Autobot would still like to eat some candy! So put on some shoes, grab your candy bag or bucket of choice (maybe a yellow one?), and set out for a transformative adventure this Halloween. Keep an eye out for Decepticons and protect your friends, Bumblebee. Most of all, have fun! It’s not every day a kid gets to be a Transformer. Although, if you own this suit, you can become your favorite Transformer any day you want!

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