True and the Rainbow Kingdom Girl’s True Costume

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A Super Hero’s StyleSuperheroes are typically all about flashy looks and spectacle. Even if their hearts are in the right place, they have a tough time avoiding several of the common pitfalls of the heroic look. They’ve got to have billowing capes or brilliant armor and usually a pretty wicked weapon, too. We think that they are really missing out on a critical component to becoming the very best kind of hero. Why aren’t they making their costumes cute!?Fortunately, the Rainbow Kingdom has heard our plea and has sent True to grant our wish! True manages to combine a heroic heart along with a signature style, making her the perfect darling defender to the kingdom! It’s no wonder that the Wishes of the Wishing Tree love to be around her. A clever mind and open heart are all she needs to save the day, so there’s nothing stopping True from enjoying some twirling in her outfit, too!Product Details Your own little hero will feel like her wish has been granted, too, when you offer up this officially licensed True costume from True and the Rainbow Kingdom. This is a Made By Us design that our own team put together inspired by one of the newest heroes to light up our screen. The ensemble starts with a dress that features a white blouse and pink skirt with a bright waist sash to cinch it together. The elastic-waist pants are the same pink as the skirt, with rainbow stripes below the knees.Accessor-Wheee!Your little hero is always raring to solve all of your own kingdom’s concerns. And once sheis wearing this True costume, she’ll have the look to match the heart. Of course, you can feel free to add a bright blue wig and Wish backpack to really complete the look.

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