Tween Dark Woods Huntress Costume

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The haunted woods are no place for a cookie cutter storybook character. If you’re daring enough to venture into the woods, which is home to a variety of shady characters like evil fairies, spooky specters, and yes even a big bad wolf with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, then you need to be as tough as possible. Forget all the fairytale cliches you read about in books growing up, you’re going to stomp out those stereotypes once you’re outfitted in this dark woods costume for tweens. You’ll look equipped to take down an army of nefarious gnomes once you’re clad in this intimidating costume. You won’t be wearing a whimsical cape, glass slippers, or a bejeweled crown. Oh no, you’re in an ensemble that’s a little more practical for an adventure in a dark forest. The hooded dress features an attached belt and metallic winged collar. The silver brocade design serves as a little bit of shine and glamour on the mostly dark costume. The included gauntlets finish the look off nicely. As long as you have your gutsy attitude and this huntress costume you’ll be ready to brave the haunted woods with ease. We’d recommend carrying a bow and arrow with your some sort of weapon for protection against things that go bump in the night. A girl as bold as you, won’t have anything to worry about… so take that, big bad wolf!

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