Tween Werewolf Girls Costume | Werewolf Halloween Costume for Girls

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Til butik

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A REALISTIC LOOK AT BEING A WEREWOLFWe can’t decide if we would like to be a werewolf or not, and we think it largely comes down to how much control we have over ourselves while a wolf. You see some movies where they lose all control and turn into wild hungry wolves, and some where they change physically but mentally they are still the same. We think we would like being a werewolf if we didn’t turn into a crazy wolf. We’d just be super fast and strong and we could enjoy the outdoors, you know?But if you lose control of yourself, well, that’s when things get messy. You start attacking people and things, people get hurt, your embarrassed and you wake up the next morning with a bad taste in your mouth, not knowing what happened. That sounds like a really bad time. FUN DETAILSThis costume will turn you into a werewolf; luckily for you, you’ll still be human underneath and you’ll have complete control! You’ll be wearing a slightly torn shirt with a wolf on it and a patch of fur over the shoulder! It comes with a torn up plaid skirt so it’ll look as though you have been roughing it as a werewolf for some time. For your legs, we’ve included leg warmers and for your hands, there are fingerless gloves. Both are covered in faux fur, so you’ll look like a werewolf from head to toe! Lastly comes the hat. The hat is covered in faux fur and has two ears on top. WEREWOLFWhat will you do while you’re a werewolf? Will you sit outside and howl at the moon? Will you run through the forest as fast as a wolf? Maybe you’ll cook yourself a nice rare steak. Whatever you choose to do, we hope it satisfies the wolf in you!

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