Twilight Bat Girl’s Costume

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Up to BatSometimes you just have to spook the neighbors. Because being a kid is exhausting and you deserve it. All day long you wake up with so much energy, you know? It’s hard work getting all that out of you! All the things you have to learn: morals, responsibility, long division. All the chores you have to do: taking out the garbage and putting away the dishes and feeding the cat. We get it. Really, we do.Design & DetailsSo if you’re ready to flap your wings a little, our exclusive Girls Twilight Bat Costume will have you planning your sneaky scares in no time. The whole costume is made by us, which means it’s crafted with love and care in every detail. But of course, you could enhance the scare factor with some little black ballet flats, costume gloves, or spooky makeup-and all these can be found in the recommended accessories! And why stop at the neighbors? You’ll look fantastic flying through the air of the neighborhood, the moonlight glinting off of your purple wings, scaring whoever your little heart desires! They all will have no choice but to give you the best candy when you ask for it. Just make sure you get your parents’ permission first!Wing ItYou know what would be easier and allow you to spook those neighbors? Being a bat. Just think, all day long, after your chores of course, you could hide away in your dark bedroom or living room blanket fort, secluded from the hustle and bustle of modern childhood. After a day of doing absolutely nothing but catching that sweet bat beauty rest, your new nocturnal instincts would trigger and send you flying out into the neighbor’s yard with only echolocation to guide you. They’ll think twice about passing out toothbrushes for Halloween this year when you give them a good scare!

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