Twizzlers Girls Twizzlers Costume Kids

283,00 kr.

Color: Red/White
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: Morris Costumes
Network: Commission Junction

Til butik


Sweet but TwistedYour child is as sweet as any other child. For instance, she absolutely loves kitties. Unfortunately, you’re allergic and when you told her that the family couldn’t get a cat because you’re allergic she smiled sweetly and suggested that you start sleeping outside. And sometimes she’ll go out of her way to thank you and help her siblings but then you realize that it’s early December and she’s keeping track of good deeds for Santa. So yeah, your child isn’t pure sugar but candies that are too sweet aren’t very tasty! In fact, take it from Twizzlers that some of the best candies are just as twisted as your little girl’s logic. Ready to embrace your child’s twisted side? This Twizzler costume is sure to be a hit!

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