Ultimate Warrior Women’s Costume

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Til butik


AND NOW… DEFENDING HER TITLE… With astounding moves that none other can master, this beast of physical perfection and wrestling skill cannot be defeated. Even the few times that she’s seemed to fall, the blaring neon glow only calls her back to claim her victory. With astounding maneuvers like the “Gorilla Press Slam” and “Atomic Drop” and, even inventing new ones like the most destructive and climactic claim to every match, the “I’m not Mad; I’m Just Disappointed,” this Warrior wins it all! Just because the genuine Ultimate Warrior left the world too early doesn’t mean we can’t continue to show eternal homage. It is time for the Warrior to return to the ring, once more like a neon phoenix! Time to raise up your mighty arms, show your dazzling skills, and send your so-called opponents running for their dear sweet lives. Calling to the ring, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and shout out your fanfare for… the Ultimate Warrior! DESIGN & DETAILSThe applause is calling you. The smell of victory is just around the corner. How can you resist for even a moment longer!? This look was crafted to be wholly unique and crazy high-quality (not to mention officially licensed by the WWE. Begin with your neon green, stretchy spandex bodysuit featuring the peering eyes of the Warrior’s gaze, because nothing can stop you! The long vest is a light blue with “ULTIMATE WARRIOR” printed, as though anyone needs to be reminded! Take off to the skies with the long ribbons falling from your arm, wrist, and leg bands, each in multiple vibrant colors. Now, just choose your opponent! (We recommend freaking out Hogan or taking down the Macho Man again.) UNDEFEATED FOREVER!Now, it might be because you haven’t actually taken part in a professional wrestling match. Or, perhaps it is because you’ve got “the look” that makes everyone else run for the hills down pat. Either way, you’re going to love letting your inner warrior out with this Ultimate Warrior Costume!

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