Vampirina Costume Sunglasses

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Enjoying the SunClassic depictions of vampires suggest that vampires don’t enjoy the sun. That’s totally not the case with Vampirina and her family! They love a good beach day like any other family. They do, however, face the same sort of struggles humans do when it comes to the sun. Sometimes, it’s just a little too bright for their eyes, which is why they gear up with a pair of sunglasses when it gets too sunny! Now, your little girl can gear up for sunny weather like a real vampire with this pair of Vampirina Sunglasses, which are officially licensed from the Disney series.Product DetailsThese Disney Vampirina Sunglasses are made by Sunstaches, the company known for making wacky sunglasses for any occasion! They’re made out of molded plastic and are shaped like Vampirina’s face. The lenses are made out of a shatter-resistant material that provides 100% UV protection.Instant Vampire Transformation!Looking for a quick and easy Vampirina costume for your child? Well, these sunglasses are the perfect way to transform your little one into their favorite vampire! Just pair them up with a vampire-like outfit from your child’s closet and they’ll have an instant Vampirina costume!

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