Veronica Corningstone Costume for Women

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Veronica CorningstoneVeronica Corningstone isn’t going to let any man stand in her way, and if that sounds like your kind of gal, you’ll love this Veronica Corningstone costume. Sure, you’ll have to trample down some sexist attitudes and work on chipping away that glass ceiling, but it will all be worth it to get your share of the evening news. Team up with Ron Burgundy for an epic couples costume (since we’re sure your favorite guy will look great with a mustache) or the entire Channel 4 news team for a group theme. San Diego celebrity status will be all yours with this costume!Design & DetailsThis costume is a exclusive, made and designed right here straight from the hit movie Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy. That’s right, we teamed up with Paramount Pictures to make an officially licensed line of costumes, and this Veronica Corningstone costume is a screen styled replica!It comes with a top, skirt, and press badge accessory. The one-piece top is styled to look like a vest over a blouse, and the skirt matches. You can attach your own picture to the press badge for a fun touch, and be sure to add a blonde wig to complete the style. (Wig sold separately.)Fun at the MoviesWe love going to the movies as much as the next costume crew, and if you’re a fan of movies, too, you’ll love our costume choices. Pick this Veronica Corningstone costume if you’re ready for your shot at the evening news, or check out our other options if you have another character more to your suiting. No matter which costume you choose, we’re sure you’re going to be one heck of a classy lady this Halloween!

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