Vintage Men’s Milkman Costume

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Nostalgia Delivery!Ahh, the times of yesteryear, when folks had picket fences, well-behaved dogs, and the milkman came to the door to deliver bottled milk, even on hot summer mornings. Over time, this figure sort of faded out and was replaced by grocery and convenience stores, but that doesn’t mean the role was in any way forgotten! And if you want to capitalize on that rosy-eyed nostalgia for your next costume party, then make sure to throw on this classic looking Men’s Vintage Milkman Costume and arrive with a smile on your face (and a few bottles to share)!In this crisp and clean look, everyone will be overjoyed to say “Good Morning!” to you, even if the party is late at night. You’ll deliver an instant serving of cheerfulness to everyone you get to talk to-because who doesn’t love the milkman? Just make sure to keep your outfit clean, and your attitude bright, because the milkman was always the best part of everyone’s day!Fun DetailsYour milk is always fresh and so is your costume! This look consists of a white, short-sleeved shirt and matching pants that have belt loops all around. The faux leather belt features a silver plastic buckle and adjusts for comfort. The included black satin bow tie comes on an elastic neckband and adds a touch of iconic class to the overall look. Finally, the look is completed with a cap that has a faux leather bill and a printed cow on the front. Feel free to accessorize with a half-dozen glass bottles of milk and a wide smile!A New CareerWho knows, you might enjoy dressing up as a milkman so much that you might want to actually do it as a career! We don’t blame you, bringing smiles to people every morning is a truly wonderful joy. Sadly, you might not find many opportunities here, but feel free to start your own movement to bring back this iconic moment in American mornings!

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