Vintage Sailor Plus Size Costume for Men 2X

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Are you drawn to the sea? Well, not just any ocean, are you drawn to the idea of the retro ocean voyage? If you secretly harbor a desire to sail the seas dressed like those sailors that you see on those postcards: all white uniform and classic stripes then you might have to use a time machine. Yep, the sands of times are fickle and the tides have definitely turned (all those puns were intended and we’ll never be sorry). Now, we’re unsure of why the Navy changed their ensembles to the boring jackets and coats they wear now. Sure, they still have the cool sailor caps and white uniforms but they no longer wear stripes and they definitely don’t wear ascots anymore. Yep, the seas are full of buttoned-up men who no longer sing sea shanties and are less tattooed than the landlocked general public. We’re sure they still do good work, as the world is mostly ocean there is plenty of business to be done on the high seas. But we simply can’t imagine any high seas adventure worth experiencing happening when the everyone on ship isn’t wearing an ascot. It just seems slightly tragic to take on the Kraken when there’s no one on board wearing a striped shirt. Maybe this guy was just singing a sea shanty, maybe he has an anchor tattoo and his bicep, maybe that tattoo is detailed with a scrolling banner that says, “Mom”. So, we may have just mixed up our Americana tattoo references but you get the picture. If you want to see more classic sailors out there, you can be the change you see in the world. Yes, there’s still a place for high waisted, double button pants on the ocean. Yes, nautical fashion will always call for a hearty striped shirt and a healthy serving of Ascot. Sooner or later they’ll invent that time machine to transport you to the golden age a voyaging at sea. In the meantime, try being the change you wish to see in the world.

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