Violet Incredibles Girl’s Costume

189,00 kr.

Til butik

Varenummer (SKU): 6233802099898825


Your little girl is pretty incredible, huh? She’s always thinking of others, and when she’s not watching her little brother or tutoring her neighbor, she can be found loading your dishwasher or walking the dog. Wow. That’s some kid you have there! We bet that some days, you just about swear she possesses super powers. So, when she gets invited to a superhero birthday, we think it is reasonable that you want to recommend that she simply go as herself. But…don’t. A little humility won’t hurt her. Not to mention, dressing up is really, really fun! Being the little darling that she is, she will ask ever so nicely to dress up as her favorite ever Super, Violet, from The Incredibles. And don’t you think she’s earned it? Now, your little girl may not be able to turn invisible on command, and we think she hasn’t quite mastered her forcefields yet, but she shares Violet’s commitment to her family (though hopefully not her commitment to Tony Rydinger). And unlike Violet, your gal has been encouraged each and every day to use all of her power, so when the time comes for her to be really, really powerful–like putting a forcefield around an entire plane–she’ll be ready! Reward her amazingness with a red jumpsuit fit for a true Super. The eye mask will conceal her identity (which is your most valuable possession, according to Helen) but we’re guessing that her incredible acts of kindness and joy will give her away within moments of her entering the party!

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