Voodoo Doll Burlap Costume for Girls

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An Interesting HistoryIs your little girl fascinated by history? Does she revel in correcting people’s misconceptions about the past-like the fact that the Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets, or that Napoleon was actually average height? Well then, she’ll love wearing this Girls Burlap Voodoo Doll Costume while telling people that voodoo dolls have nothing to do with Voodoo at all! They actually originated in Britain a long time ago, as a way to fight against suspected witches (people used witchcraft to fight witches…don’t ask us). The connection of the dolls to voodoo didn’t happen until some Hollywood movies in the 1930s.Isn’t that so amazing? She’ll get such a kick out of correcting people’s wrong idea about voodoo (which has such a fascinating history in of itself), while also looking like an adorable little witch-defeating talisman! Just make sure she doesn’t run into any actual witches-they may just know the truth about what she’s doing and may not be too happy about it.Fun DetailsThis creative patchwork look will strike fear in even the boldest witch, while also being instantly recognizable to everyone she comes across. The costume consists of a burlap dress with full lining that features a heart and patch appliques and stiff wire pins that are easy to position. The included wig has a built-in cap for fitted comfort, and the glasses are faux leather with attached buttons. Finally, a choker completes the look! The only thing she needs now is a witch to scare and a person to inform about the real history of voodoo dolls.A Great JobWith this great costume on, your little girl is doing an excellent job informing all of your neighbors and friends about the realities of history. That’s great! Tell her to keep it up and to make sure she’s having fun while doing it…and watch out for real witches!

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