Waddling Penguin Costume for Adults

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Back from the PoleYou recently returned from your first ever trip to Antarctica, and you can’t wait to tell everyone about it. Well, your timing couldn’t be better, because your friend just called for a costume party of gigantic proportions! Fantastic! Now you can wear this Adult Waddling Penguine Costume and have an instant conversation starter about your new favorite continent.Not only that, but the costume competition will feature a talent portion, so you can delight the judges with your spot-on penguin waddle, in addition to wowing them with your fun facts about these beloved birds. It seems like the timing couldn’t have been better for you! Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your travels down south, and be even more prepared to take home the award for most amazing costume tonight!Fun DetailsIsn’t it incredible that penguins live in the harshest climate on Earth with just feathers to keep them warm? Have you ever thought about it? We bet you did while you were bundled up watching them withstand the wind and snow! They probably would have appreciated the coziness of this costume’s hooded tunic! It’s great as insulation, and definitely helps you waddle like a pro! The hood has large blue eyes and a classic yellow beak, and the sleeves are shaped like wings, but have openings for your hands. Yellow foam boot covers turn your feet to flippers, but we’re guessing this costume isn’t quite as aerodynamic as an actual penguin, so maybe don’t dive into an icy bodies of water!Humble BragSo now that you’ve completed your travel dreams and visited all 7 continents, it’s time to brag about it! No, not really. No one likes a braggart penguin, you hear us? Nobody. But feel free to share your stories and adventures with anyone who wants to listen. It’s not every day you meet a penguin (or someone who’s been to Antarctica)!

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